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The story and the inspirations of “The Salty Texan” way of life is very simple….and continues to be written each day.  “The Salty Texan” is heavily influenced and scripted by the pure enjoyment of countless sunrises and sunsets viewed along the Texas coast while sipping anything from coffee to a favorite spirit… With every walk on the beach… Each boat, golf cart or jeep ride… With each fish story or lie told… With every echo of familiar coastal sounds and smells that may trigger a nostalgic urge to be near the rugged and serene Salty Texas coast.  Easily, the story grows with every little coastal Texan town visited and with each Salty Texan friend that is met along the way.  You know who you are... and if seeing or hearing the words “Salty Texan” hits home and draws you back to a favorite coastal memory… or if it inspires you to drive down to the coast and breathe some fresh salt air, then you fit into this proud Texas lifestyle and culture that we are so blessed to live in, love and share.

It is safe to say that Salty Texans are proud and represent and travel well.  We look forward to meeting you along the Salty Texas coast one day… may it be at a little beach or bayside bar and grill, at a fishing tournament, at your own personal Salty Texan piece of paradise watching the sunset or maybe alongside your beach or bay tailgate gathering with a cooler iced down with your favorite beverages while listening to some salty Texas music.  We look forward to hearing about your connection with the Texas coast, seeing your pictures and listening to your Salty Texan tales.  We invite you to join us and contribute as we continue to write this story.

“The Salty Texan” is an advocate for all that is coastal Texas and beyond –  the conservation of the coastal lands and waters, wildlife, fisheries and of mankind in general as well as an advocate for lazy Texas days full of salt air, coastal breezes, sunshine, fishing, and of course… pelicans!

The mission of “The Salty Texan” is to provide you with some “Salty Texan” apparel,  attitude and good vibes that reflect this lifestyle, heritage, and culture that is like no other.  Whether your coastal pleasure is reelin’… grillin’… sippin’… or just chillin’…. we thank you for being part of it.  

Stay Salty, Texans!

Brett & Tracey


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