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Clay Wright

Meet the SALTY TEXAN PRO-STAFF GRILLER,  Field Expert & Salty Texan


Known to his Urban friends as  “All Around”.  Which means,  Clay may live and work in the city, but he is an all-around country boy.  He is most happy when behind a grill, sitting in a deer blind or knee deep in salt water. He drives a large 4x4 truck.  He enjoys Texas beer and Bourbons.   “When I first saw “THE SALTY TEXAN” logo and learned about the CULTURE behind the passion of The Salty Texan…It spoke to me… I realized, at that very moment, that I was a  Salty Texan  and have been all my life!”


There are two great lessons this Salty Texan has learned competing in BBQ contest over the last several years. 

FIRST - There are a hundred different ways to cook great BBQ. 

SECOND - The stuff cooked in competition is not what most people would want to eat at home.


The BBQ rubs and sauces Clay uses when grilling and for competition are great anytime on a variety of meats and fish.  While simple…they are by no means basic.  They are handcrafted and made with care. They are excellent by themselves but allow room for you to add your own spices to suit your taste.  As you will hopefully experience, they are Texan to the core.  


Salty Clay Wright looks  forward to meeting you someday alongside one of his pits – or yours and visiting with you about your recipes and grillin techniques that are such a very important and deserving part  of our proud Texan culture.


“Happy Grilling and Stay Salty Y’all! Feel free to reach out to me at if I can assist with any of your grillin needs.”

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